The Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings company was established in 1978. In the United States of America, their headquarters are located in Burlington, North Carolina. By maintaining a clinical laboratory that ensures excellent conditions and results, they make sure their customers receive the best healthcare.


The MyLabCorp company provides its clients and customers with comprehensive clinical laboratory data and end-to-end drug development services. Over 60,000 employees are employed by the company worldwide. The company’s ultimate goal is to improve the health and lifestyle of people around the world through innovative medicine and world-class diagnostics. They have encountered over 115 million patients in a single year, and they run more than 2.5 million tests on patient specimens every week.

In such colossal businesses, maintaining and updating employee profiles is a huge challenge for the IT department. To resolve this, the company offers employees access to the MyLabCorp login portal, where they can manage their profiles. In order to access MyLabCorp Login, the employee must supply their employee ID number along with an automatic-generated password.


It shows the daily schedule task for each employee separately on the employee’s MyLabCorp login page as well as the work progress report. If you are an employee of LabCorp, then this login portal will inform you regarding the various types of benefits you can receive as part of your job.

From the very first day of the task, LabCorp employee IDs are issued to all employees. For the MyLabCorp login portal, this ID contains 5 or 6 digits, which are used as a user name. Any employee who did not receive their employee ID should contact their supervisor. Contact the customer support team for further assistance and guidance if you have any issues accessing the portal.