Employee Benefits

MyLabCorp provides employees of LabCorp worldwide with access to available services online. Employees of LabCorp have the best opportunity to communicate with their employer via the MyLabCorp portal. At www.mylabcorp.com, employees can access the web application.


Logging into your account allows you to access the portal and avail of its benefits. You will need both your employee ID and password to access your account. A stable internet connection and a web browser compatible with the site are required. The following section provides information on what benefits employees can take advantage of with the portal.

Information Regarding Benefits For LabCorp Employees

Employees of LabCorp can gain access to exclusive benefits and allowances through the MyLabCorp Employee Portal. Here are some of the benefits:

  • All work-based documents that you may need in the future can be viewed.
  • Additionally, you can access all the health benefits offered by LabCorp that mainly benefit your employees.
  • Payslips can be viewed through an employee’s account.
  • Additionally, users can download W2s and other career-related documents.
  • It is important to note that employees can access their daily work reports through this portal.
  • Keep up with all the latest events in your company.
  • Labcorp employees’ spouses and domestic partners can participate in weight watcher programs at a discounted rate if they are enrolled in the company’s medical plan.
  • Using the Rally website, covered spouses and domestic partners of employees can earn account dollars and rally points.
  • On the well-connected plus website, employees and partners can register for annual wellness screenings.

The design of the portal is very simple and user-friendly. A few simple steps will allow you to access an employee’s account without any difficulties. In case of difficulty, you can communicate with the customer support team to get further assistance.